Celebrity Voices & Impressions

Welcome to my website. Hi I am Stuart and have been doing Celebrity Impressions for many years and the impressionist behind many of the Garmin Voices and TomTom Voices that are currently on sale online. As well as many other products including telephone IVR recordings and much more, Stuart specialises in Morgan Freeman Impressions, Alan Rickman, as well as Christopher Walken and Nicolas Cage and many more.


My Celebrity Impressions and used in all kinds of products and services, including entertainment systems including bingo calling, as well as Smartphone content like Ringtones and Alarms.

Back To The Future II 2015
Are you ready to go Back To The Future? Christopher Lloyd who plays the Doc in the hugely successful Back To the Future films was my first impression, when he was in a comedy series called Taxi. 2015 was of course the year the De Loreon went Back To The Future to 2015. Check out my new Doc Brown Garmin Voice.

Sat Nav Voices
Do you have a Garmin or a TomTom? chances are you have made some customised changes to your Garmin or TomTom, the same as we do with our Smartphones, you can add my new Garmin Voices or TomTom Voices to your Sat Nav and have more fun on the road. There is a great selection of voices to choose and because the devices are so cheap now, mnay people prefer to use a stand alone Garmin or TomTom for navigation, saving the battery on the mobile. Check out my new Garmin Voices.

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