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Garmin Voices

I have recorded a wide range of celebrity Garmin voices, using my impressions. They include Morgan Freeman, Ozzy and many more. My Gordon Ramsay voice was used on first series of Gordon Gino and Fred. 10 voices included in the pack. These are the original voices.

New personalised versions are also now available, see below.

Personalised Garmin Voices

Personalised voices are now available. I am currently working on some new voices at the moment (Aug 22) The example below is the sound you hear when starting a new navigation. You can change other parts of the voice as well

Movie Trailer Voice

The first of the new personalised voices is now online. Great for having fun with friends and family. Surprise passengers in your car, completely personalised for your Garmin. This Summer! your epic journey begins.

Gordon Ramsay (impression)

Up updated  personalised version of Gordon Ramsay. This is an updated version of my voices, that was used on Gordon, Gino & Fred. Can now be personalised. WARNING! demo contains swearing

Doc Brown (impression)

Great Scott! what year is it?

Personalised recording as Doc Brown from Back to the Future. It’s time to go to back! Will you arrive precisely on schedule? Personalise the voice how you would like it, for example.