Vaccinations are in the news again, which is pretty normal for this time of the year. But what are your thoughts on compulsory vaccinations? I have to say as a patient that is immune suppressed I am quite pleased the Health Secretary Mike Hancock is looking into this. The risk for children is widely known about as their immune systems are not fully developed yet. Also pensioners who go the opposite way, their immune system is getting weaker as they get older.

immuno suppressant medication


Another group of people which is often overlooked are immunosuppressed patients like myself. As a transplant patient I take 12 tablets every day just to keep everything working fine. But there are patients I know of that take considerably more than that. These medications suppress my immune system, so my body does not reject the transplanted organ. Which in may case is a Kidney, which I was lucky enough to have donated to me on 5th December 1995. If you have a spare minute, please do find out more about Organ Donation and how it really is the gift of life.

So, to put this into perspective. If I get the flu for example or another virus, the complications can cause serious problems for patient like myself. The flu if I cannot fight that off can turn into a chest infection. Then if antibiotics like Amoxicillin don’t work, the risk is also Pneumonia. Then the risk becomes even greater and is a risk to life. Therefore vaccination herd immunisations help us all as a population. Please think of patients like myself and many others that are at risk from not taking up vaccinations. Thank you for taking the time to read this and stay healthy.